Our Mission is to manage and produce high quality educational, cultural , business and fundraising events for corporations and associations, to provide destination management services, as well as to promote greek heritage and culture worldwide.

PETRA TERZI ORG's Philosophy, as an Event Management company, located in Greece and the United States of America, is to provide full service capabilities in the areas of creative design, communications, event planning and management, guest registration, travel, on-site support… in short we provide a one-stop solution for companies and organisations seeking to provide a memorable, high impact event for public, tourists, customers, channel partners, or employees.

Our corporate event management work with clients includes stand-alone programs or programs that run simultaneously with major industry or sporting events. Many clients find linking a major corporate, cultural or fundraising event with the nearly universal appeal of a Super Bowl, World Series, Euro Cup, Final Four, or Olympic event to be a powerful opportunity to strengthen client associations, as well as build new relationships. For many of our clients, these are corporate and organisation signature events. These events serve as the pinnacle for their customer or channel partner communication program for the year. PETRA TERZI ORG has been a leader in corporate event management for over 20 years. Our experience and resources help companies and organisations design and execute high profile, high value events that provide lasting benefits and goodwill.

We can provide:

  • Themes your guests and audience will remember
  • Communications that build excitement and enthusiasm
  • Live entertainment and staging that stirs their imagination
  • And the logistics and on-site support to carry your event off flawlessly!
  • Legal consults, legal framework of the event, drafting contracts
  • Marketing and event promotion strategy design
  • Fundraising and sponsorship management
  • Package design for communication sponsors
  • Social media network operations
  • Video and trailer productions
  • Professional Photo shooting

In short, our Event Management team will deliver the event you want, on time, on budget, and with a flair that your guests and audience won't soon forget. Put our experience and dedicated resources to work for you.