“BRIDGES” International Film Festival

An institution in open dialogue with other artistically creative forces of cinema and their organizers, «Bridges» International Film Festival of Peloponnese in Greece, continuously expands its communication with other film festivals. This creates a special union among the organizers and their visions of a wide range of cultural expansion. Directors who have participated in the Cyprus International Film Festival are eligible to submit their films in the «Bridges» International Film Festival, as a joint venture between the two festivals. A unique bond is created this way.

«Bridges» International Film Festival does film screenings through out Peloponnese, all over Greece and the world. In order to be able to accommodate the needs of the vast number of cinephiles and cinemagoers of Greece, which has proved to be big and varied during past organizations, the Festival has created special theme screenings as the «World Cinema – Bridges» section. We focus on films from all over the world about peace, environment, diversity, gender equality and look for short and feature films of all genres that will tell us an interesting point of view.

As the «Bridges» International Film festival concurs often with the International Day of People with Disability, a part of our screenings is dedicated to films about human disabilities, under the symbolic title «We can do». Since 2015, the «Bridges» International Film Festival collaborates with the Cyprus International Film Festival and both present two categories: "Women Films" (Director and/or Producer) and "50/50" films with credits 50% men and 50% women with a result to have an harmony of the ideas presented and balance in the program.

Furthermore, the audience has the unique opportunity to watch films by upcoming filmmakers premiering in the festival. Some of the most outstanding feature films created recently are going to compete for the festival`s Grand Prize «Golden Pegasus», which is going to be given to the film indicated by an internationally acclaimed Jury of cinema professionals.
Note: Foreign films with Greek subtitles are eligible to participate in the official program of the «Bridges» International Film Festival.

Film Submission

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“BRIDGES” International Film Festival

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