Talos 2007

The UltraMarathon of Crete Mountain race is one of the biggest in distance marathon, the most beautiful in sight and the harder to keep up with in all over the world. The distance is about five hundred twenty (520 km) kilometers. The race was inspired, in August 1991, and it is scheduled by the marathon runner and also climber John Pantatosakis.
His origin is from a village called “Kalloni (Beauty of Valley) “and belongs to the municipality of Nikos Kazatzakis of Heraklio Crete.

History: Who was Talos?

In July of 1992 the first “Minoa Kelethos“ race took place, it was a formal organization and its target was the trance pass of the island in fourteen days. Forty (40) men athletes and five (5) women athletes were participating. The organization had no competition character. In July of 1994 the second “Minoa Kelethos” race took place which had a competitive character and hold on for twelve days. During the race forty five (45) men athletes and five (5) women athletes participated.
Nineteen athletes fulfilled the distance. John Kouros was the first winner who is also a champion of high distances. Second came the marathon runner George Afordakos and third John Saridakis.
In women’s performances, first winner was Biki Karpouza. It must be noticed that the manager of this current athletic race is John Pantatosakis, who has also fulfilled both formal athletic races of ’92 and ’94.
In July of 2000 the first official “Talos” Ultramarathon race of Crete Mountain took place.

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Daily program

The race includes hike and mountain climbing for 250 km and about 260 km of running races in asphalts and dirt roads.
Its starting point is the Western spot of Crete and the finishing line is the Eastern spot of Crete. The trance pass goes through the most highlight touristic places of the island.

The canyon of Samaria
It is located 43 km south of the city of Chania. It’s the largest canyon of Europe. Its length is 18 km and it is well known for its imposing beauty. In some spots the canyon reaches only 3m of width and sometimes the vertical walls come up over to 600m of height. The canyon is trance passed by a chimera and every year thousands of people visit it.

The Monastery of Arcadia
It is located 23 klm South-East of Rethymno. It’s a monastery built during the 16th century in a beautiful natural spot. It is connected with the most crucial moments of recent history of the island (Holocaust of Arcadia in 1866).

The cave of Ideon Andro
It is located 20 klm South of Anogia village in the table- land of Midas in the mountain of Psiloriti.
Mythology says that Rea gave birth to Zeus at Dikteon Andron and there she hided Zeus when he was an infant in order to save him from Cronus. Devotional objects were found such as statues and coppery shields, which are now exposed in the Archeological Museum of Heraklio.

The mount Psiloritis
The highest spot of the island (top of the mountain, Timios Stavros, is 2456m) It is one of the most beautiful and highest mountains of Greece.

The remaining of ancient Gortina is located 46 klm South of Heraklio. Gortina was a city which bloomed especially during the Roman’s period. It became the capital or Roman countryside of Crete and Cyrenean period.

Kato Zakros
It is located 117 klm South-East of Saint Nikolaos.
The excavations brought up into light a luxurious Minoan palace, the forth in value, and also interesting objects that can be found in the Archeological museum of Heraklio. Zakros was a great navy base during the Minoan ages. Here is the finishing line of the game. Not to forget to mention that the athletes climb to the highest tops of the mountains of Crete such as: White Mountains, Kryoneritis, Psiloritis, Asterousia Mountains, Lasithiotika Mountains and Thryptis Mountain.


Dear athletes and friends,

I have the honour to invite you to the 2nd ultramarathon of Crete mountain TALOS 2007, 11-21 of July to race and cross the historical and beautiful island of Crete . Come to celebrate together the resurgence of Crete crossing, walking, climbing and running. In the island of the oppositions, with the coasts, the paths, the tops of the mountains, plateaus, canyons, the byzantine churches, the archeaological sites, and the infinity atmosphere of cretan beauty.
Along with the coronal of victor you will take with you memorable expriences, you will write your own history that will mark your heart for the rest of your life.
Finally, i send a message to all cretan people, who will learn of this athletic event, to support and help in this athletic, cultural and naturalist race. Be sure that we will breast the tape of victory together in this ultramarathon Crete Crossing.

The ultramarathon racer and climber
Ioannis D. Pantatosakis
Representative of Assocation Ultra runners of Crete

race2John Kouros
The man who race by his soul, exceeding any biological limit, the greatest ultramarathon racer ever, John Kouros, The athlete "fenomenon" has broken 70 world records in ultramarathons over 150 km..
John Kouros becomes from a poor family. In the age of 16 already became a very good racer of 1.500 m. The first big success came in 1983, when came first in the national marathon of "Spartathlos".The foreigners were doubtful about the result and they invete him in a marathon in New York with judges and he came first again, enforcing the foreigners to bow to his great talent.
Until today he broke 153 world records and his name is in Guiness book for ultramarathons 24 hous, 48 hous and six days, 1000 Km Sydney-Melburne in Australia.

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